Treeigami Bonsai Environmental Impact

Treeigami is dedicated to a net zero environmental impact.  We do care about the earth and just because our products are produced with plastics, does not mean we can not positively impact the environment.  We do this a variety of ways.

1.  We reuse or recycle nearly all of our waste, including 99+% of our plastic waste.
     - We donate some items (spools, plastic purge, support) to artists and schools.
     - We recycle our cardboard and plastic bags for filament through local recycling.
     - We recycle plastic waste that can not be reused or recycled locally at a special plastic recycling facility in St. Loise when we are in the area for bonsai shows. This is turned back into filament that we receive a credit for.  We utilize this filament for special recycled product runs when we have it available.  This makes for a much more environmentally friendly product.

2.  We are a Greenspark partner.  Every order we receive, we plant one tree, pick up one plastic bottle and offset 1kg of carbon emissions.  While this may seem insignificant, over the coarse of days, weeks and years this will add up to forests of trees, megatons of carbon emissions offset and fields of plastic bottles removed from the environment.

3.  We purchase plastic offset credits for every pound of plastic filament we purchase.  This means that for every pound of filament we buy, an equal amount of plastic is removed from the environment.  Much of this is removed from the sea, mostly single use bottles and fishing nets.  We hope that by removing single use plastics that are already polluting our environment, we will offset some of the possible environmental impact of our multi-use plastic products.  We hope that our customers will be more responsible with these pots when their useful life has come to an end and recycle or reuse them in some way.