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The Bonsai Wire Condo - A5 - Aluminum Wire Caddy

The Bonsai Wire Condo - A5 - Aluminum Wire Caddy

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The A5 Wire Condo is an expandable modular bonsai wire caddy with many configurations and an ever evolving list of add-ons.  The condo utilizes modules that  consist of three slots, each slot holds a spool, each spool holds up to 500g rolls of aluminum wire. 

We suggest starting with a double base.  The double base will hold up to six rolls of wire.  A double base is two, three slot modules (ad-on Modules) bolted together for a total of six possible rolls of wire.  The expandable spool cores fit most wire core openings of aluminum bonsai wire.  The spools are individually loaded so you don't need to take the entire caddy apart to reload wire.

- Fits 500g rolls of aluminum bonsai wire (most)
- Futureproof - Additional expandable modules can be added in the future to meet your needs
- Easy load/unload swappable spools
- Sturdy Rubber Feet that protect surfaces from scratches
- Swappable wire size labels (1mm-5mm provided)
- Can be mounted to a counter top (Hardware Not Included)
- Can be mounted to a wall (optional)
- Can be carried with a handle (optional)
- Replaceable parts are available

More Details:
A single module will hold three 100g - 500g rolls of wire.  Each spool is removable and can be loaded with a new roll of wire by simply twisting it apart.  Each spool has a pressure core that can fit many sizes of wire.  The core can be compressed and wire slipped over.  The core will tighten (pushing outward) on the wire and hold it in place.  Once reloaded, the spool can be screwed back together (by hand) and seated back into it's base module. 

Each module can be bolted to the one next to it.  Our standard starter size is two modules together which we call a double base.  You can purchase add-on modules and connect together as many as you want to your specific needs. 

Each module has three lightweight hinged lids that cover each spool.  The lid utilizes a wire feeder funnel to help direct the wire out of the wire caddy when closed.  The wire should be loaded with the lid open fully then closed with the wire feeding out of the feeder funnel.  Once closed, the lid can be secured with a sturdy latch to hold it all together.

One of the key benefits of the A5 Wire Condo Bonsai Wire Caddy is the removable spools.  You can purchase extra spools separately and keep wire on them.  You can have 9 spools and swap out in a single add-on module if you wanted.  This will keep the cost down a bit and still give you full functionality.  If you don't want to constantly swap spools, just get enough  modules to meet your wire needs. This will also allow you to purchase a single base module then add more as your budget allows.

Each module comes with a set of wire size labels that can be swapped out as needed.  You never need to guess what size wire is in each slot.  Currently the A5 Wire Condo comes with 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5, 3, 3.5, 4, 4.5, and 5mm labels.  Sizes above 5mm can be used in the wire condo in most cases.  If you purchase a double base and an add-on module, you can fill it with nearly a full set of aluminum (sizes 1-5).

Our standard spools each fit wire rolls with a core opening of 4" - 5.5".  We tested Stone Lantern's, Kiku's, and a few others to help assure our standard spools will work for most wire.  Other spool cores can be made to meet wire core sizes 3" - 4" and 5.5" - 6.5" if necessary.

Early 2024 - Keep an eye out for The Wire Condo's upcoming upgrades.  We will soon be releasing our Condo Handle and our Condo Wall Mount to make storing and moving your Wire Condo Bonsai Wire Caddy.  We will also be introducing a 1K base module that can hold three full kilo rolls of aluminum.  We are also working on a larger condo base module, made for copper bonsai wire.  Finally, we will have a vertical kit available to allow your wire caddy to stand up and take up less space.  The vertical kit will also have a new handle option to carry it vertically.

Please Note:  Early spools were made in white.  We are working on switching over to black spools for most models.
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Patricia Filipowski
Easy to use.

The only really HARD part is getting the wire onto the reel. It might help if the fins on the reel were just a tad shorter. But overall I am pleased with the product and would recommend it to others.